Now it came about after these things, that God tested Abraham and said to him,...

Genesis 22:1


Reading:  Genesis 22:1-19; Matthew 8:10,26; Romans 4:19-25; James 1:2-4.

Why did God test Abraham? Why does He test the faith of any of His children? The test of Abraham’s faith may seem rather extreme, and even severe, to us. But Abraham was a man who had walked with God for many years and had experienced God’s absolute faithfulness to keep His word. Abraham had grown in his faith to the point that he believed that God could bring life out of his own “dead body” and the “dead womb” of Sarah. He believed that God would raise Isaac from the dead even if he was burned in the fire into a pile of ash. Abraham was fully persuaded that God could raise the dead, he no longer wavered in his faith through unbelief.    

We must not think of a test from God as Him setting us up to fail. God’s tests are not based on a pass or fail scenario, they are designed to test our strength or readiness to handle whatever He wants to send us into. He will not send us into anything that will break us. He will first prepare us and make sure that our faith comes through stronger and purer. When God tests our faith it is to strengthen, purify and grow our faith. This is what God did with Abraham’s faith. We cannot run away from the test if our faith is to grow, we must co-operate with God.

You cannot pray and ask God to give you more faith, it only grows stronger as you stay in fellowship with God believing in His commitment to you no matter what your circumstances are.


Lord thank You that You are a good parent. Thank You for your commitment to mature me. Help me to endure the trying of my faith with Your joy.



Have a chat about exams and tests. Some kids enjoy them because it’s an opportunity to show what they know, other kids dread them. Tell them that God also ‘tests’ us but His tests are not the same as a school test. God’s tests are designed to see how strong our faith is and if we are ready to move forward with Him, or if He needs to do further work with us.

Over the next two days, watch

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