“He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live” 
John 11: 25

Reading: John 14: 1-17; Luke 7: 11-17

One can only wonder at the stubborn resistance of the religious leaders in the face of the overwhelming evidence of Jesus’ Messiah-ship. 

After all, Jesus was not the only one who was raised from the dead in the course of his ministry – although his was a resurrection in the true sense of the word; we shall discuss the difference between his resurrection and his raising people from the dead later in our studies. Surely they hadn’t forgotten the widow of Nain’s son? (Luke 7: 11-17). We know they hadn’t forgotten the raising of Lazarus – because John tells us that because of this miracle, the Pharisees made the decision to have not only Jesus killed but Lazarus too – poor man, he’d only just been freed from his grave clothes (John 14: 1-17). In fact, death-slaying was a huge part of Jesus’ ministry for he also healed those who were sick unto death and the recently dead, such as the centurion’s daughter. 

Instead of snatching at the hope these miracles held out, the religious leaders tried to smother and discredit them. Don’t let us be like them. Let us spend time today meditating upon the greatness and glory of what these death-defying acts really mean.



Lord, I want the wonder of your glory and your lordship to flood my being – today and every day. 

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