“God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ”
Acts 2: 36

Reading:  Acts 2: 1 - 41

Continuing our discussion of the empty tomb, we note that 3 000 people accepted baptism in the name of the living Lord Jesus Christ after Peter’s sermon. 

Was this because Peter was a great preacher? Was this because the crowds had heard the disciples speaking in tongues? It was most likely because they all knew about the empty tomb and missing body of Jesus and now, having been given a Scriptural explanation backed by the power of the Spirit and the conviction of the witnesses, were convinced that Jesus really was the long-awaited Messiah.

It was, after all, only seven weeks after Jesus’ crucifixion that the disciples began public proclamation of his resurrection. His tomb lay within walking distance of those early hearers. The authorities were so alarmed by this preaching that they had the disciples beaten for it. That groundswell of Christianity could have been squelched by the Jewish leaders at any time…simply by producing the body. They must have looked long and hard for it. They never found it.  


Wow. This Christian life really is more extraordinary than I ever imagined Lord. Not just good works, not just religion….but death-slaying, Spirit-empowered, body-raising righteousness. 

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