“Now Joseph was a disciple of Jesus, but secretly...”
John 19: 38

Reading:  John 3; John 19: 38 - 42

Jesus’ followers: the secret ones

Perhaps they were too respectable to openly admit that they believed that Jesus was the Messiah? 

Besides his own disciples and the women and the regular crowd of regular people who followed and delighted in Jesus, there were others – secret disciples. These men and women were moved by Jesus’ person and ministry, so moved that they believed he was the Messiah – men like Joseph or Arimathea and Nicodemus. However, they did not have the courage of their convictions during his lifetime. They only stepped out and associated themselves with him after he had died. They missed out on a great opportunity to walk and talk with the living Christ. 

There are still many followers like that today – people who are afraid to come right out and associate themselves with Jesus or his people because of their fear of man.  

This robs them of incredible blessings.


Lord, I pray for secret believers everywhere today. I know that some of them even risk losing their lives if they testify of you – but oh Lord, give them the courage to do so and bless them greatly when they do. 

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