Modular Training

Training at church in PretoriaShorter courses on believer and teacher levels that can be worked through on a part-time basis or in a relatively short period of time.

Training takes places at churches all over the world such as this one in Bristol, UK)

Mobile Training

willemienAlthough we train in our local context, we mostly travel to the location and train within that context.

King’s Cross teams are always willing to travel to your location and / or train leaders who work in various parts of the world, such as missionary Willemien van den Berg who trains church leaders in Nepal and Tibet.


Contextualised Training


We adjust the basic material for the context we’re invited to. This could mean translating, re-developing for a different age group or special interest group, using a completely different medium, e.g. turning a print course into a series of radio programmes, or even creating a whole new course in answer to a specific need.

All our course material is available in English, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Tamil, Dutch and Afrikaans)


The Big Picture

Foundation Stones

The Tool Kit

To arrange for any of these training courses to be presented at your church or organisation, please contact Gill.