Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

As I write we are rapidly approaching Christmas. And once again certain questions are raised. Is Christmas for Christians? How should the Church treat Christmas? What about that jolly bearded fellow and those garish trees? There is much confusion and controversy surrounding this season.

I am personally very much in favour of retaining Christmas as one of the major highlights of the church calendar. I feel so passionately about it actually, that I wrote a whole book about it with my wife, Gill.


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Here’s why I believe in Christmas:

  • At the very heart of Christianity is a truly astounding Central Truth; it could even be considered the Central Truth.
  • This Central Truth is celebrated all around the world at Christmas time.
  • This Central Truth concerns the birth of Jesus. In theological terms its known as the doctrine of the incarnation.
  • It’s incredibly important that every believer is strengthened in his or her knowledge of the incarnation and there’s no better time to teach about it than at Christmas time – even though Jesus wasn’t actually born on 25th December and even though some Christmas traditions have their roots in pagan festivals.

Of course, in the book 10 Merry Good Reason To Celebrate Christmas, we go into much greater detail. The book is our attempt to outline the main facets of the incarnation as well as some of the other important truths surrounding the Christmas story, and to suggest ways in which you can strengthen yourself, your home group or your congregation through the telling and teaching of this most glorious Central Truth.

Believe me, there are at least 10 merry good reasons to embrace Christmas with every fibre of our beings.



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